In addition to the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, a loss of fullness and shape on the face is another major concern. We know that Hyaluronic acid is one of the most important substances needed to prevent aging of the skin as it gives the skin its plumpness and elasticity and unfortunately as we age the natural production of hyaluronic acid drops dramatically and the body’s stores of hyaluronic acid are reduced.

However, there are other effects associated to aging, family tendencies and metabolism that lead to issues on the face. One of these effects is the natural loss of fat from areas of the face such as the cheeks, the chin and around the jawline. This loss of fat can relate to your natural metabolism as thinner people and those who exercise frequently lose more fat from their face. It can also be a genetic predisposition where there is a tendency within your family to have smaller amounts of facial fat.

Loss of facial fat and the ‘slipping’ of that fat is also a natural unwanted effect from aging  together with ‘reabsorption’ of bone in the skull leading to loss of bony prominences. These effects can lead to faces becoming longer and more masculine looking with the loss of the natural ‘curves’ on the face that help keep the face looking young and healthy.


The areas where Contouring Fillers can be used:

  • Cheeks – this is the most common area to treat with Contouring Fillers to enhance the fullness and shape of the cheeks. It can be placed high on the outer part of the cheeks to give a ‘supermodel’ sculpted look to the cheeks or it can be placed in the middle of the cheek to give a full natural prominence to the cheeks. Enhancing the size and shape of the cheeks will also help lift loose sagging skin off the jawline and may also improve hollows and loose skin underneath the eyes. Cheek enhancement with Contouring Fillers has led to less use of Dermal Fillers to correct nasolabial folds and marionette grooves as the Contouring Fillers replace the lost fat that created these problems.
  • Chin – some people have a chin that is slightly under developed and when you look at your profile the chin sits back with the top lip in a more forward position. Enhancing the chin can bring these features back to a more natural balanced look where the top lip and chin appear in a better position – it can also improve the look of the nose.
  • Jawline – sagging skin around the jawline and jowls can be improved by injecting contour filler along the jawline to reshape and smooth out any irregularities.
  • Temple Hollows – sunken areas next to the eyes in the temple areas can make the face look narrow and aged with a very ‘skeletal’ appearance. Filling these hollows brings a youthful appearance back to the upper face and eye area.


Contouring fillers are derived from standard Dermal Fillers. They are made up of Non-Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid that is biodegradable and completely metabolised by the body.

For years, dermal fillers have been successfully used to replace hyaluronic acid in certain areas of the face to fill wrinkles and grooves, but with a gradual move away from surgical face lifting, came the challenge of restoring youthfulness to a face with the use of injectable treatments. Dermal fillers consisted of ‘particles’ of hyaluronic acid in a gel and different sizes of ‘particles’ had been developed to address different severities of wrinkling i.e. small particle sizes were used for small shallow wrinkles and large ‘particle’ sizes were used for deeper wrinkles.

Contouring fillers were subsequently developed containing very large particles and are now very popular and very effectively used for replacing the contours to the face or enhancing existing contours. The commonest areas are cheeks for a filling effect to rebuild the loss of fullness and contouring in this area, and chins to correct sunken or poorly developed chins that are quite visible when looking at the profile of a person’s face.



Yes, this treatment does involve the use of needles and there is a very small amount of discomfort involved with the injection of local anaesthetics. But trust me, it is worth it and the minimal discomfort is over in an instant!

Contour fillers are packaged in 2 ml syringes and this is often the amount needed at a first treatment but this can vary depending on the degree of contouring needed and the expectations of the client. The filler will give an immediate result associated with some swelling. The swelling will settle down over 48 hours leaving behind the enhanced contours resulting from the filler itself. There is a risk of bruising but this is low and any bruising should settle after a few days. Contouring fillers usually last for around 9-12 months depending on the amount used and your individual metabolism. As it is a fully metabolised product it will be slowly breaking down from 4-8 weeks after treatment. However, the process of injecting any dermal or contouring filler helps to stimulate collagen in the area and this leaves some residual effect in the area. You are advised to see your cosmetic practitioner 4 weeks after the treatment is done to see if further Contouring Filler or Dermal Filler is required. Loss of volume and fullness in the face is often uneven and it can take more than one treatment to achieve the desired result. This is more common in thinner persons and older age groups, especially if the skin is quite fine and loose with multiple wrinkles seen when smiling.

The area to be treated will be anaesthetised before the filler can be injected. This involves the injection of local anaesthetic in the area. There is minimal discomfort and the injection of the filler is then quite tolerable. The numbness will persist for a few minutes after the procedure has been done so that the area can be comfortably massaged after the treatment by you cosmetic practitioner.

Facial Contour Fillers Pricing

Contouring Filler Treatments are performed by Cosmetic Doctors and Cosmetic Nurses.


Countouring Filler (1 ml)

  • Performed By Doctor $850
  • Performed By Nurse $695

Countouring Filler (2 ml)

  • Performed By Doctor $1100
  • Performed By Nurse $890

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