Subjected to bad weather and pollution, exposed to the sun’s rays, worn down by the adverse effects from tobacco and hormonal variations, and subject to the classic effects of aging, your skin finds its production and growth of collagen (a component in the skin which gives the skin its plumpness) severely reduced. The skin on your face, your neck, your décolletage and your hands is drying out, becoming dull and as a result it is more susceptible to the appearance of wrinkles and lines. The texture of the skin has become dull and the elasticity and tone is poor. Open pores have become more dominant and that youthful radiance has been replaced with a more tired appearance.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a unique medical treatment to reverse the signs of aging and sun damage through the stimulation of collagen and the introduction of stimulating growth factors into the skin. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is also a recognised treatment for premature hair loss or hair thinning in males and females.

Areas commonly injected with PRP include:

  • Eyes – the fine wrinkles that form around and underneath the eyes from facial expression can be very effectively treated with PRP.
  • Mouth area – PRP treatments can soften vertical lip or ‘smokers lines’ and help smooth out dimpled and crepey skin.
  • Face – PRP can be used as a generalised injectable treatment on the skin of the face to stimulate the production of collagen & elastin to give the skin a smoother more radiant texture and tone.
  • Neck & Decolletage – when PRP is injected underneath the chin and on the neck and décolletage, it will create a ‘tightening’ effect which will lift the skin and smooth out fine wrinkles.
  • Hands – PRP is often used to counteract the visible signs of aging seen on the backs of hands.
  • Scalp – an effective treatment to stimulate dormant hair follicles and regrow hair where there has been premature hair loss and hair thinning.
  • Stretch marks – PRP injections help to smooth out stretch marks and improve the discolouration and poor skin texture associated with stretch marks.
  • Scarring – an effective treatment to improve acne scarring which is greatly enhanced by the additional use of Dermapen skin needling.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) shot to stardom as a medical treatment several years ago in Europe when medical specialists working in sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery found that platelets contained unique substances called growth factors and stem cells which could stimulate internal healing and the production of new collagen. It is now a popular and effective injectable treatment that can stimulate healing within joints and soft tissues to promote rapid recovery from injuries and disease.

Cosmetic specialists were quick to harness this treatment and use the unique healing properties as an anti-aging and skin rejuvenating treatment to counteract the signs of aging and sun damage. The naturally occurring growth factors and stem cells in PRP lead to the production of collagen and elastin when injected into the skin. These help to smooth out the skin and give the skin a more elastic texture so it springs back to normal after movement to improve fine lines and wrinkles. The plasma is rich in platelets, stem cells and other growth factors that are carefully injected into the skin where they accelerate collagen production and stimulate the natural processes of repair. The process is safe, using your body’s natural systems to help you look younger, and can be used in multiple areas.

PRP is also the only available product that contains elevated levels of naturally occurring growth factors that help stimulate hair follicles making it extremely useful for men and women’s hair restoration programs. The primary purpose of using PRP in hair restoration is to stimulate inactive hair follicles into an active growth phase. PRP preliminary studies indicate patients respond to PRP therapy well. Larger clinical studies are pending but the current medical literature contains numerous optimistic results. PRP scalp treatments:

  • Naturally stimulates hair growth.
  • Increases hair volume, density and fullness.
  • Increases survival and strengthening of existing hair.
  • Improves hair quality.
  • Decreases hair loss.
  • Overall high patient satisfaction.
  • The only non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical treatment that has proven its efficacy.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other therapies and medications for hair loss.

The degree of effect from PRP treatments may differ from person to person depending on your age, general health, lifestyle factors and social habits. The treatment involves the injection of YOUR platelet rich plasma and the effectiveness is therefore linked to the ‘healthiness’ of this blood product. Minimal improvement is predictable in persons with drug, alcohol and tobacco usage. Severe deep scarring may not respond to PRP treatments.


This treatment does involve the use of several superficial injections in the skin or scalp that can be done using a needle & syringe for smaller areas such as the eyes and mouth. PRP treatments on the full face can be done using the revolutionary V2 Injector. This efficient hand held device gives cosmetic therapists the ability to inject precise ‘micro’ amounts of PRP into precise depths within the skin. Each injection consists of 9 tiny individual micro needles. Each session takes approximately 60 minutes (usually for one area e.g. face). You will be advised to attend the clinic 90 minutes before the treatment so that an anaesthetic cream can be applied to minimise any discomfort during the treatment. When the anaesthetic cream has been applied, your cosmetic practitioner will draw off blood from your arm (like having a blood test). The blood is then spun in a centrifuge for approximately 10 minutes to separate the platelet rich plasma. This is then re-injected into the area to be treated.

After a PRP treatment for skin rejuvenation the area will be massaged firmly with a greasy moisturiser for several minutes. Most patients look ‘puffy’ in the treated area immediately afterwards and treatments around the eyes can result in marked swelling. The swelling settles in 1-5 days. Bruising at the site of injection is also possible and clears completely in 1-10 days. A light liquid or mineral-based makeup can be worn immediately after the treatment if necessary. Initial swelling and any bruising will subside and then over a few weeks the growth factors and stem cells released in the treated area will increase collagen production within the skin and stimulate hair follicles on the scalp. Results begin to appear at 3 weeks and improve gradually over the following weeks with improvement in skin texture and tone and the formation of new hair growth and thickening of existing hair when treating the scalp.

The maximum effects from a PRP treatment to the skin or scalp areas will occur after approximately 8-12 weeks. The skin will begin to ‘tighten’ and ‘plump’ as a result of new collagen & elastin production and hair will appear thicker and stronger with new hair growth from scalp treatments. However, already distinct wrinkles and deep lines on the face or neck may need an additional treatment with muscle relaxant injections or dermal filler. This treatment is particularly effective for the fine loose skin and wrinkles around and underneath the eyes.

To ensure the best possible results from your PRP treatment for skin rejuvenation it is advisable to repeat the treatment every 8 to 12 weeks for 3 consecutive treatments. For hair loss treatments it is advisable to repeat your treatment every 3-6 weeks for approximately 4-5 treatments in a year.

PRP is not recommended in:

  • Heavy smokers, drug and alcohol users
  • Platelet dysfunction syndrome
  • Critical thrombocytopenia
  • Hypofibrinogenaemia
  • Haemodynamic instability
  • Chronic or acute infection
  • Chronic Liver Pathology
  • Anti Coagulation Therapy such as warfarin or aspirin
  • Skin Diseases or cancer
  • Severe Metabolic and Systemic Disorders

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Pricing

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are performed by Cosmetic Doctors and Cosmetic Nurses.



Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) NOT using V2 Injector

  • 6 mls PRP Performed By Doctor $550
  • 12 mls PRP Performed by Doctor $1045
  • 18 mls PRP Performed by Doctor $1485
  • 6 mls PRP Performed By Nurse $420
  • 12 mls PRP Performed By Nurse $798
  • 18 mls PRP Performed by Nurse $1134

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) USING V2 Injector

  • 6 mls PRP Performed By Doctor Via V2 Injector $650
  • 12 mls PRP Performed by Doctor Via V2 Injector $1300
  • 18 mls PRP Performed by Doctor Via V2 Injector $1950
  • 6 mls PRP Performed By Nurse Via V2 Injector $520
  • 12 mls PRP Performed By Nurse Via V2 Injector $988
  • 18 mls PRP Performed by Nurse Via V2 Injector $1404

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