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Our Make-Up Artist, Olivia’s Top 9 Makeup Tips and Tricks

At Rejuven8 Cosmetix we understand how difficult it can be trying to achieve a professional salon or make-up artist quality look on your own. Don’t give up, we got our qualified and very talented Make-Up artist Olivia to list her top 9 tips and tricks of the trade. These tips will provide you with valuable information and assist you in applying your make-up professionally.


Primer is perfect for flawless make-up application and skin rejuvenation, it will smooth the appearance of fine lines and pores creating an even surface for foundation, making your skin look fresher, less oily or dry and your make up will last longer throughout the day.

Mineral Primer


Find the right foundation for you; foundation is formulated for specific skin types, which will also give a different, finish to your make up, matte or dewy. Youngblood has a huge range of different foundations to suit everyone.



There are many benefits to using brushes instead of your fingers to apply makeup. You’ll get a much more even coverage using a brush, and a better polished finish. It’s also more sanitary to use a brush, and this is especially important for acne-prone skin, as it will help you prevent breakouts on your face.

Make-Up Brush

Regularly cleaning your make up brushes extends their life and removes any dirt and build up from the bristles, as well as improving the overall look of your makeup. A brush cleaning solution can be used daily, but you should also be shampooing your brushes with a baby shampoo and warm water, then reshaping the brush heads with your fingers and lying them flat to dry.

Brush Cleaner


A setting powder is basically a loose or compact sheer-to-medium coverage powder that sets your foundation or other base makeup so that it lasts longer throughout the day. There are different types whether you need to absorb oil to control shine and diminish pores or you require more hydration and an air brushed look throughout the day.

Setting Powder


Always perfect your brows as it shapes your face and enhances your make up. Use a brow powder kit at home to fill in sparse or over-tweezed areas and then a brow pencil in your handbag, perfect for spot-checking areas that may have worn off during the day.



A bronzer is an essential in every girl’s make-up bag. To achieve a sun-kissed look, take notice of where the sun usually hits your face. It hits heavily on the cheekbones, nose, chin and lightly on the forehead. Although bronzers hide blemishes, it highlights wrinkles – so go gentle on those face crinkles.

Mineral Radiance


Brighten your cheeks! The right blush can be an instant face brightener. Blush can add a pop of colour to your cheeks to make you look younger and give the impression of good health.



Keep lipstick off your teeth, apply your lipstick then place one finger in your mouth. Close your lips around your finger and pull finger out. This should remove any excess lipstick and keep those teeth shining white.

Recommended Lipstick


When finishing your make up application use a mist to set your foundation, also perfect for misting on skin after cleansing and before moisturising to lock in moisture or any time for a refreshing pick-me-up.


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Lindsey Hooke

A qualified Cosmetic Physician with a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, a certified Master Injector and an Associate Professor in Medicine at Bond University. Fully licensed under the Queensland Health Authority to possess and use Class IV Laser equipment. Over 20 years of experience practicing on the Gold Coast.

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