When the skin is traumatised from injuries, burns or surgical procedures it can often heal with a pale or white discolouration. This effect is also seen when doctors have used cryotherapy to ‘freeze’ off sunspots on the face and body. These colour changes can actually be more noticeable than the scar itself and people often resort to wearing thick coloured foundation or concealers.

There are several cosmetic treatments that can improve the scar and help to naturally re pigment the scar (see section Scar Correction) but sometimes a quicker solution is desired. Also often the scarring is in an area where cosmetic treatments can’t get to and therefore camouflaging the scar so that it blends in with the surrounding tissues is the only option.

At Rejuven8 Cosmetix we have an award winning Cosmetic Tattooist – Diana Joyner – who specialises in the treatment and camouflage of pale/white scarring by injecting coloured pigment to match the surrounding natural skin colour.


This is a cosmetic procedure where pigment is injected into the skin via multiple needle punctures to re pigment pale or white skin that has formed from scarring.

The following are common scars that can be tattooed:

  • Pale scars that have formed after surgical procedures – face lift surgery and other general surgical procedures. Breast enlargement or reduction scars that form around the nipple area, underneath the breasts and in the underarm areas;
  • Pale scars resulting from Cryotherapy freezing of sun spots and skin lesions;
  • Not necessarily a scar treatment but permanent cosmetic colour tattooing can be used to reform a natural looking areolar and nipple after mastectomy surgery for breast cancer – an extremely satisfying procedure that can give a woman back her feeling of femininity after what is a very traumatic and emotional experience;
  • Also scalp pigmentation with cosmetic colour tattooing can camouflage premature hair loss and hair thinning to give the appearance of hair follicles.

Your Cosmetician will assess your natural skin colour and tone and discuss the colour she thinks would best camouflage the area you are having treated. She will ask about sun exposure and tanning to decide on the best colour to allow for seasonal variation on skin colour and tone but obviously these seasonal variations will mean that there may be times when the tattooed area is more noticeable.  When treating the scalp to camouflage premature hair loss of thinning, the tattooed area will initially appear darker but will naturally fade over the weeks that follow to blend in to the existing hair and hairline.


Your aesthetician will make sure you are comfortable during the procedure.

Treatments around or on the lips require the use of anaesthetic injections in the mouth to completely numb the area so that tattooing can be done with minimal discomfort. Although there is some mild stinging experienced with these injections it is minimal and passes quickly.

Anaesthetic creams, ointments and liquids are used to numb other areas. These are applied a few minutes before the tattooing is started and will minimise any discomfort felt during this procedure. Some slight stinging may be felt during the procedure but it is minimal and more anaesthetic can be applied during the procedure if necessary. If you are allergic to local anaesthetics you must let your cosmetician know before the procedure is carried out.

Immediately after tattooing, a patient will notice that the colour may be darker or slightly pinker than desired. Within the first few weeks, as the area heals, the intensity of the colour will fade and look more natural. You are advised to attend for a follow up review where any adjustments can be done and then it is important to see you cosmetician every 12 months so that she can refresh the colour.

Anyone undergoing any type of cosmetic tattoo procedure runs some risk, and there are times when cosmetic tattooing is contraindicated or should be performed with caution. Please notify your cosmetician if you are taking any of the following medications or suffer from any of the following conditions:

  • blood thinning medication
  • antihistamine medication
  • beta blockers for blood pressure
  • severe dry eye syndrome
  • diabetic sufferers
  • painkillers or any form of narcotic medication
  • valium, or other tranquilizers
  • hormone replacement therapy
  • antibiotics like tetracycline, which induce skin sensitivity may be contraindicated
  • arthritis medications may cause adverse reactions.


The other main concern with cosmetic colour tattooing around the mouth, nose  and lips is the presence of the ‘cold sore virus’. It is VERY important that you advise your cosmetic tattooist if you have a history of cold sores (no matter how long ago) PRIOR to arranging for cosmetic tattooing. Due to the possible link with Chickenpox or Shingles it is also important that you advise your cosmetic tattooist if you have had either of these conditions. The possibility of a flare up of cold sores after tattooing can be avoided or lessened by the use of ‘antiviral’ medications prior to and after your cosmetic tattoo is done.

As with all semi-permanent makeup procedures, the aftercare is very important. Since it’s normal for the treated area to feel dry and chapped, moisturising is one the most essential aspects of the aftercare process. Sometimes there can be slight bruising, and some areas may look bluish, but this is not usually due to the pigmentation but an effect of the tattooing process and should go away during healing. It is essential to moisturise the area regularly using the ointment that is given to you with your aftercare kit.

If swelling persists or you are worried about possible infections or cold sores, contact your cosmetic aesthetician immediately.

Scar Camouflage Pricing

Scar Camouflage treatments are performed by specialised cosmetic tattooists only and at Rejuven8Cosmetix we have an award winning Cosmetic Tattooist, Paramedical Aesthetician and Endorsed Enrolled Nurse – Diana Joyner .


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