Fashion doesn’t stop with your clothes. Extend your unique style all the way to your fingers and toes with Minx!

Just remember, there is no room for boring nails in the fashion world – put a pop of pattern or a burst of colour on the tips of your fingers and toes and you feel like you can rule the world. Plus, every Minx design is different from the next, with endless possibilities and combinations.

It is hard to believe it has been nearly 10 years since Minx was invented and a brand new category in beauty; nail wraps sprung to life.

As an industry leader and innovator Minx take responsibility to provide nail stylists with supplies for them to create nail fashion. Fashion for your nails is what Minx is all about. Minx continue to be the original and only company that focuses on 90% of its resources on nail fashion. Minx is about the look, about expressing yourself through the designs you put on your and your client’s nails.

We use the ‘superstar endorsed’ range of Minx foil products that can be mixed and matched to suit any outfit or event and it can last for up to 21 days!!

Although most popular on toenails, it can also be used on fingernails for the complete super star effect. Worn by Rihanna, Beyonce and Katy Perry – Get the nails that everyone will notice – Amazing!

It is with great pleasure we introduce you to another evolution in nails. Minx have reinvented the Minx formula with new features and benefits:

  • Minx now needs less heat to ensure long lasting adherence to natural nails;
  • Minx is now half the thickness, this makes it easier to apply, and with half the thickness you get a smoother finish on the free edge. For those of you who like to put a top coat over Minx or use it as part of your nail art, both become nearly seamless;
  • Minx now has extra additives for extra conformability which gives you a snug fit and reduces the chance of lifting;
  • Minx’s dimensional stability is improved, external elements such as heat and cold will have less effect. This helps prevent lifting resulting from expanding in heat and contracting in cold;
  • We have left the adhesive the same since it seems to already be nearly perfect providing you with a safe, fast, chemical-free removal.

Thank you for being a Minx!

Minx Nail Wraps Pricing

  • Minx Nail Wraps $45 per set
  • Minx Removal $5 per set

Why not combine your Minx Toenail Wraps with our Rejuven8 Signature Dry Pedicure?

  • Rejuven8 Signature Dry Pedicure PLUS Minx Toenail Wraps $85