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Cosmetic Special 1

Cheek Contour Filler

SAVE $100


Get beautiful enhanced and contoured cheeks with 2ml of Contouring Filler for ONLY $890

Valid until 28/02/2017

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Cosmetic Special 2

Lip Enhancement

Save $100


Get beautiful full lips with 1ml Lip Filler for only $390

Valid until 28/02/2017

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Cosmetic Special 3

Muscle Relaxant Injections

Save $$$

$3.92 per Dysport Unit

Muscle Relaxant Injections to reduce wrinkles from facial expression or reshape the face with the injectable face lift or ‘nefertiti lift’. Now only $3.92 per Dysport Unit equivalent to $9.80 per Standard Unit

Valid until 28/02/2017

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Beauty Special 4

Complimentary 4 minute YoungBlood makeover


Experience the difference in wearing a ‘cosmeceutical’ grade mineral makeup compared to a department store ‘cosmetic’ mineral makeup. Get great coverage with the added benefit of anti-aging and non-congestive nutrients to make your skin look amazing! This is a ‘no obligation’ promotion that will be a permanent addition to our beauty therapy services.

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