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Cosmetic Special 1

Lip Enhancement

Save $100


Get beautiful full lips with 1ml Lip Filler for only $390

Now Our Everyday Price For Services With Cosmetic Registered Nurses

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Beauty Special 2

Complimentary 4 minute YoungBlood makeover


Experience the difference in wearing a ‘cosmeceutical’ grade mineral makeup compared to a department store ‘cosmetic’ mineral makeup. Get great coverage with the added benefit of anti-aging and non-congestive nutrients to make your skin look amazing! This is a ‘no obligation’ promotion that will be a permanent addition to our beauty therapy services.

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Cosmetic Special 3

TITAN skin tightening face or neck lift


Do You Feel That Your Face Is Slipping Downwards?
Can you pinch loose sagging skin along your jawline or neck?
Then it’s time to start ‘TITANing’ your skin.
At Rejuven8 Cosmetix our TITAN technology can tighten loose or sagging skin to create a non surgical face and neck lift by stimulating new collagen and shortening the existing collagen fibers to turn them into a tight spring.
Now Our Everyday Price For Services With Cosmetic Registered Nurses

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Clinical Special 4

Excessive Sweating Treatment

ONLY $950 for both underarm areas

Excessive sweating affects millions of people every year. Do you have a special event coming up and are worried about ruining your dress? Maybe you have to do regular presentations at work and hate getting sweat patches on your business shirt?  If you are suffering from excessive sweating and want to reclaim your confidence, then book an appointment today for an excessive sweating treatment at Rejuven8 Cosmetix.

Treat both underarm areas with 25o units of Muscle Relaxants for ONLY $950.

Applies to Services With Cosmetic Registered Nurses

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